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This blog is intended to educate women on issues that affect women. Although we are all healthcare professionals, we are not here to give medical advice. Rather we hope this will encourage women knowing that help is available and give them the courage to seek help.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this blog for you?

If you are wondering what on earth this blog is about and could it possibly be for me, well then keep reading and answer the below questions as you read.  If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then this blog is for you!
Have you ever laughed so hard you had to cross your legs to keep from peeing your pants?  Do you fight to keep from sneezing for fear of leaking urine?  Do you carry a change of clothes because coughing necessitates a wardrobe change?  Do you pull into your garage and run towards the bathroom knocking everyone and everything out of your way, just to “get there in time”?  Have you considered purchasing stock in sanitary pads just to recoup your loss?  If yes, then this blog’s for you!
Do you know where every bathroom is within a 10 mile radius of your home?  Take it a step further; do you know where every clean bathroom is and which ones to avoid?  Do you dream of sleeping through the night without getting up several times to urinate?  Have you ever had a nickname such as “tiny bladder” or “princess pee pants”?  Are road trips your worst nightmare?  If yes, then this blog is for you!
Do you avoid intimacy with your partner for fear of pain?  Have you tried to bring up this issue with your doctor and were told “just have a glass of wine before sex; it will help you to relax”?  Have you always just assumed that sex was supposed to be painful and you only participate because it is your “womanly duty” and think to yourself “chocolate is definitely better”?  Do you have constant pain in the pelvic area that interferes with your daily life?  Do you have the world’s largest dress and skirt collection because just the thought of wearing pants worsens your pain?  If yes, then this blog’s for you!
Do you wonder why you have no desire for your partner anymore?  Has it been so long since you have thought about intimacy much less initiated intimacy that you wonder if the last time you had sex was this decade or last?  Do you have an excuse list a mile long for avoiding intimacy with your partner, but in reality you are “just not in the mood”?  Does your partner bring you aspirin before bed stating “I know you’re not in the mood, you have a headache”.  If yes, then this blog is for you!
Ladies I want you to know there is help for all of these issues.  Leaking urine is not normal!  It is common, but not normal.  You should not be expected to live with leaking urine, regardless of age.  Pain with sex is not normal and no, a glass of wine is not a cure-all. Decreased desire or low libido is a very common problem but it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.  You should not be expected to live with constant pelvic pain and no the pain is not just in your head.  With all of the above issues, there is help available.   There is no magic wand or cure all pill, however help may be in the form of behavioral changes, seeking medical advice, participating in physical therapy, or counseling, both individual and couples.  If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, we are here to help.  If you are outside of Middle Tennessee, we have placed links that will help you find providers in your area that specialize in treating the above issues.
We hope you enjoy this blog.  If none of these issues apply to you or even if they do, please pass it on as it may apply to a friend, family member, or even that irritable coworker whose mood may be improved if she only knew help was available.